Monday, April 21, 2014

Baby’s First Easter

Every Easter is better with a tutu, right?!  Well, this Easter was certainly more exciting with a baby in tow.  Actually, I’m pretty sure every holiday will be more fun and magical because of Charlotte.
We had a wonderful Easter.  Derek worked but Charlie and I drove up to my Mom’s, who was hosting everybody.  This was the first time that everybody from my step dad’s side of the family was meeting Charlie so that is always fun!  She was so incredibly good and played the day away!


We also tried out the high chair for the first time.  WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!  Charlie ate like a champ.  Before, we thought she would never like solid foods.  After one time in the high chair, she eats everything!  We put together our high chair the very next day just to see if it was a fluke but sure enough, once she was placed in the chair, she opened her mouth for her food!  Amazing!

Since Derek missed out on Easter, we had a mini photo shoot when we all got home together!


Hope you had a great Easter!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Charlotte- 5 Months!

Mostly all 3-6 months or 6 months clothes.


So far so good!  So thankful she did not catch the cold that Derek and I got.  It appears most of her cradle-cap has cleared up this month as well.  She had just a minor case that could be kept at bay by using a little baby oil at bath time and a brush.  We will probably stop doing that routine this month.



I'm still exclusively pumping and we use Similac Supplementation whenever we need it.  It is really dependent upon the day of whether I'm still enjoying "breastfeeding."  Some days I just tell myself to finish up the day and that will be it.  Then the next morning I get up and I'm just like, Ok I can do another day.  And other days it is completely fine and I think I can continue doing this for months!  How I'm feeling today is that I'm going to start the weaning's definitely a mixed bag of emotions about stopping.

We switched to the next Mom's On Call schedule this month.  We dropped from 5 bottles to 4 and I was terrified.  Of course it was the usual case that the Mommy loses sleep over nothing because Charlie did just fine!

Another big deal this month is we started solid foods!  I was hesitant to start with cereal and wanted to go straight to the food, but decided to take more of a relaxed approach.  Charlie ended up hating cereal and spit it out repeatedly.  She has since moved on to pears, squash, apples, and peas.  Apples are her all time favorite.  I would have to say that she doesn't love eating her solid foods yet.  She will swallow anything that ends up in her mouth but doesn't always open her mouth to get her spoonfuls.  She continually gets better and better each day.

We also tried to introduce the sippy cup this month.  She had absolutely no interest in using it.  When we would place it on her tongue, she would suck.  But then spit it right out.  We plan to put it away for a couple weeks-month and try it again then.


This month was definitely the worst month for sleep.  The 4 month sleep regression is seriously no joke.  I really can't complain though because Charlie only woke up in the middle of the night 3 times last month (first time since December!).  We fed her 5 ounces and she would go right back to sleep.  It really wasn't that big of deal.  However, the real challenges came with her naps.  She would raise such a fuss when putting her down and completely dropped her 4th nap in the late afternoon/evening.  I felt like she was telling us that she didn't need that many naps and so we switched to the next schedule.  It was like night and day difference!  She went down for her naps (one in the morning and afternoon and catnap in the evening) absolutely no problem with no fussing.  Thank goodness that is taken care of now. 

With the new schedule we started putting Charlie down half hour earlier.  She had no problem falling asleep.  She will sleep from 7:30/7:45 to 7:15/7:30.  She wakes up by herself most mornings and just babbles until I come in and get her at 7:30.  One or two mornings out of the week we will still have to wake her.

Charlie has discovered her side this month.  She is such a side sleeper!!


We really don't hear a peep out of her all morning/early afternoon.  In the afternoon and evenings she requires more entertainment and contact.  But other than that, she really doesn't mind much! 

Baby Gear
Eric Carle bug, play mat, Jumperoo, Vulli chan Pie Gnon Key Rattle


Music (LOVES music!), standing, rolling, being on her tummy, bath time, people singing to her, watching Brutus, playing with her feet

Waiting on her bottles when she is ready to eat.  I wouldn't say that she "dislikes" new environments, but she is definitely hesitant.


This month Charlie starting rolling around like no other!  We put her down and she will be two feet across the room before you know it.  She loves to roll!  She has also found her feet.  She can go 10-15 minutes playing with them.  As you can tell the photoshoot was a little different this month with her wanting to play with her feet constantly!  Another milestone this month was her first roadtrip since Christmas.  We went to Athens and she did great in the car.  It was her first time sleeping in her pack n' play.  She did great at night but putting her down for naps were a struggle (this was before switching to the new schedule).  You could definitely tell she was not her normal happy little girl while there.  Lastly, she is a talker!  She is constantly telling stories by blowing raspberries and making noises.  If only we knew what she was saying :)

Other Thoughts
Charlie, this month has brought the most changes and development hands down!  You've become the most interactive little girl with both Derek and I, but also with your toys and Brutus.  You are able to move places and get things all on your own.  We have had the best time watching you change!  I think we updated the grandparents daily this month on new things you were starting to do.  We absolutely love each and every big smile you give us.  You are so enjoyable and we love how happy you are.  We cannot wait to give your more new experiences.  We can see that little brain thinking and taking it all in.  We are looking forward to what the next month will bring!


Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Happenings

Last weekend we were stuck inside all of the days because I was sick!  Ugh, this cold was awful.  And all thanks to Derek, this was the first time I had been sick in over a year!  I had been so lucky to not get sick the entire pregnancy, so I guess it was definitely time for me to get sick.  Luckily, we did not pass it on to baby girl!
Anyway, while stuck inside all day, we played dress up and took pictures to help pass the time :)

Ribbet collageedit
This past weekend, Derek and I had a stay at home date night on Friday.  We made these ah-mazing salsa verde pork tacos.  I’m so serious when I say that they were amazing.  We will definitely be making these again and soon!  This is a very similar recipe.  We also took in a Dexter marathon.  We slowed down on Dexter there for a while, but after finishing season 6, we are totally hooked again.  That season rocked my world!

Saturday night, Derek and I had a babysitter and went out to dinner and then to the Tin Roof.  The last time I had been there was when I was pregnant and enjoyed my huge glass of water.  Needless to say, it was a lot more fun this time!  The band was from Nashville and soooo good.  It got me so excited for our upcoming Nashville trip!!
We attempted to take some family photos before leaving.  Charlie is in a big phase right now at concentrating and staring at people.  The only way we can get her to smile is by blowing raspberries.  Hence my “duck lips” on this photo:


Lastly, tonight I’m planning on blowing my bedtime out of the water and staying up until Derek gets home to watch the series finale of How I Met Your Mother.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to cry.  Fingers crossed it has a super good ending.  I’m so sad this is over!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Mommy Confessions Part II

-Any new mom you see, tell her how wonderful of a job she is doing (Even if you have no idea!).  There is nothing to tell us Mommys how we are doing so it is always nice to hear :)

-This losing hair business is no joke!  By month four when it hadn’t happened yet, I thought I would be the one and only that got around it.  It showed it’s ugly head about two weeks ago and it sucks.  There is hair everywhere!  It also doesn’t help that Charlie pulls out about 1,000 strands a day either but man, I cannot wait until this is done!

-Save ALL YOUR BOXES!  I threw away all the rock n’play, bouncer, swing, (etc) boxes away.  Why would I keep them?  I don’t ever keep things I don’t need.  WRONG!  These items are used for such a short period and then they need to be packed away.  Well how do you pack these large and oddly shaped items?  Usually in their original boxes is a great idea but I don’t have them anymore.  So sad!

-I seriously feel like I’m a much better person now that Charlie is around.  She has given me so much more patience.  I’m also wayyyyyy more laid back now (more so than I’ve ever been my whole life; your daddy thanks you sweetie :) ).

-It has blown my mind how fast you jump into parenting.  One day you are not a parent and the next day you are.  Your behaviors and mind set switches with this big change.  I was so committed to reading every book I could in order to learn how to do this whole parenting thing.  Everybody is right in saying there is nothing in the world that can prepare you for being a mom.  Somehow, you just do.  Day by day you learn and give your best to your child.  And really that is enough.

-I was given the advice of repeating the phrase, “this too shall pass” whenever things became frustrating or maybe even unbearable.  And seriously, this is spot on.  Just when you get used to something or the ease of another, your child will go and switch it up.  It may be just the day or it may be a whole week, don’t get used to anything because it will be forever changing. 

-I was very lucky in the fact I didn’t have pregnancy brain at all.  However, something happened the moment I gave birth…I have trouble recalling words.  I’ll be in the middle of a sentence and cannot finish my thought because I cannot think of a simple word like, graph.  It blows my mind!  Hopefully this won’t hang around for long (fingers crossed!).

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I Got it From My Mama

Red Dressedit
That is me on the left and Charlotte on the right.  People keep asking who Charlie looks like and in the beginning we had no idea.  Now that she is getting to be a little older, I’d say she is looking more and more like me.  I thought it would be fun to put Charlie in the same little dresses and compare the photos.
Overall, most features are different.  The nose and chin are pretty much the same.  The eyes are similar, especially when Charlie is smiling.  However, her eyes are bigger and rounder.  Charlie’s hair is darker than it appears in the picture, but the hair color is very similar.  I turned super blonde by age 1.  With Derek in the picture, who knows if she will lighten up or not.
White Dress
Charlie’s complexion is also much pinker/darker than I was.  Whoever she looks like, we think she is super cute!  She is definitely a good mix between the both of us.

We cannot believe how much she has changed in just 3 short months!

Friday, March 7, 2014


As I was laying in bed last night, everybody was asleep besides me. It was so peacefully quiet. All I could hear was the breaths taken from my family. I could feel my husband breathing right beside of me, hear the loud breaths from my pup below me, and the muffled breaths from the monitor of our little girl. I lay there tired, but wanted to just listen to these breaths a little longer.

My husbands breathing, well you see, I've had eleven years to memorize those breaths. I know every single thing there is to know about him, including how he breaths. Laying there beside him makes me think about how thankful I am that we met so early on in life. We have grown and changed so much in the past eleven years, but we have done it together. I'm so thankful that I have my best friend laying beside me. There is nobody else I would rather navigate life with than him.

Then there is my puppy. They say there is no love like the love you have for your children. And I completely agree. However, my love for my dog has not changed a bit since having Charlotte. Brutus has given us so much over the past four years. So much love we have received from this little tiny dog. I swear he gave us the best practice ever in preparation of having a child. I cannot wait for Charlie to love Brutus as much as we do.

Lastly, I listen to my daughter taking her breaths. Everytime I pick her up from her naps and she lay half alseep on me, I try and memorize her breathing right then and there. There is something about it that makes me close my eyes and smile. It may be the way she breaths deeper or faster or louder. I'm not sure. But just like everything about her, it's perfect and I want to savor everything about our beautiful angel. It's amazing how this kind of love makes you speechless and yet filled to the brim with things you want to say all at the same time.

Tonight, I lay here so blissfully thankful and in a state of peace.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Charlotte- 4 Months!

Well, it came time to get out the 3-6 months clothes.  At this point, I put away all her newborn and smaller 3 month clothes.  I have to admit, this was a little sad!  It was like a huge punch in the face that my little girl is growing faster than what I’m prepared for.  She is getting so big!  So anyway, to answer the question…some 3 month clothing but 3-6 month pjs.


It appears her right eye has completely cleared up this month, yay!  Charlie had a rash this month, which we first thought was a diaper rash.  Thank goodness for pharmacist Daddy, because he soon realized it was a yeast infection and brought home some medication for her.  She has also been drooling so much more (if you can imagine!) this past month.


I’ve been exclusively pumping this past month.  Whoa, it is a lot of work!  I also noticed a drop in my supply when I returned back to work.  A couple weeks ago I was going crazy trying to get my supply up…oatmeal in the morning, mother’s milk 2 cups a day, gatorade in the evening, pumping an extra 5-10 minutes each session, adding 1-2 sessions per day.  Basically, I burnt myself out.  If I continued at that rate, I would be ready to hang up the pump any day now.  So, I relaxed and went back to pumping the normal 5 times a day.  This I think I can sustain for much longer now that I’m not going crazy!  Charlie takes 5 bottles a day and we have been continuing adding Similac Supplementation to any bottle needing a little extra.  She takes two 5.5 ounce bottles, two 5 ounce, and her last bottle is 7 ounces.


We are so thankful for our little sleeper.  This month marked a huge milestone of all naps in the crib, yay!  This month she has been going to bed earlier and earlier.  Her last bottle is always at 7:30 and in the past couple of weeks she is asleep by 7:45-8:00.  Her day always starts at 7:30am, which 6 out of 7 mornings I wake her.  With the help of our Nanny, we have been putting Charlotte asleep for naps and bedtime completely awake!  We made huge progress the first part of the month.  Now, within the past few weeks, we’ve ran into a bit of a roadblock.  I don’t know if it is related to the 4 month sleep regression or what, but Charlie has started screaming before naps, mostly afternoon naps (first morning nap and bedtime she is super happy to go to bed fully awake).  We are hoping this is just a phase and she will go back to her happy self when putting her down for naps.


Besides running into the crying before a few of her naps, Charlie is such a good little girl!


Baby Gear
Play mat, security blanket with doll, and Pandora Baby Einstein station


Music (LOVES music!), being held, laying on her stomach, bath time, people singing to her, dancing with her dad, diaper changes, watching Brutus

Afternoon naps and being hot

This first part of the month held big sleeping improvements.  All naps in the crib, long naps, putting down awake, and going to bed earlier.  Charlie is the most smiley little girl ever.  And for the biggest milestone, she rolled over right around 15 weeks.  It was actually in the middle of the night.  Derek and I were shocked to see that she had rolled over when going in to get her one morning.  Now, I've seen her roll over a handful of times.  Derek has yet to see it with his own eyes though!  We’ve also noticed how much she watches what is going on around her.  She is definitely way more interested in looking around.  We brought her upstairs in our bathroom one evening while we were getting ready.  She was an absolute doll the whole 20 minutes because it was a new room to look at.  She had to look at every detail!  This month also marked the use of a nanny and babysitter.  With this, we have noticed that you are able to differentiate between strangers and familiar faces.  We have to be a little timid when handing you off to new people.  You only take about 5 minutes, and then you warm right up.


Other Thoughts
Charlie, you are the love of our lives!  This month has brought so many smiles and laughs.  Your laugh, oh my goodness, I smile just thinking about it.  It is the most chill laugh I’ve ever heard.  It is complete opposite compared to your huge smile.  You continue to have the most expressive eyebrows ever.  In fact, this is one of the first things people notice about you.  Your daddy swears you get your expressiveness from me. 

You have grown so much this month.  From putting you into larger clothes to noticing how much more you take things and people in, we love watching you develop.  It is easiest the best thing I’ve ever experienced to watch you develop every day.  You are so much fun to be around and so predictable.  We are so thankful that you have started to go to bed earlier this month.  It has given me and your daddy a couple of extra hours each night to ourselves.  One of our favorite times with you is getting you up from naps.  You snuggle in so hard to us.  On the days that me and your dad are both home, we fight over who gets to go up and get you.  We cannot get enough of your snuggles!  We are looking forward to what the next month will bring!