Friday, July 11, 2014

Charlotte- 8 Months!

Still in 6-12/ 6-9 / 9 month (pjs)

Pretty much the same here this month too.  All in all, really healthy, thank goodness!  We still deal with the eczema on the face.  However, it never bothers her.  It really seems to be triggered by certain foods.

We had our first big scare with an allergic reaction to eggs.  I'll definitely be taking the advice of the pediatrician of when to reintroduce eggs.

4 bottles/day and 3 solid food meals.  This month she had weeks where she ate like a champ, and others where she did not want any solid foods.  She has worked a lot on feeding herself with the puffs.  She is great at pinching, just sometimes misses her mouth.  It's pretty cute to see her little hands trying to do this!  She also mastered the sippy cup this month.  We will be working on eliminating at least one bottle next month, eek!

Still on the same schedule this month of 3 naps and sleeping 12-12.5 hours.  She is showing signs of eliminating her final nap which is fine by us.  We are looking forward to having a longer stretch with her in the afternoons to run errands/go to the park, etc!

This month she was a super happy girl!  There were weeks of whining when I would leave the room.  It seemed like whenever she spent a good amount of time with Derek, the whining would not be as prevalent because she would be happy just hanging out with her Dad!

Baby Gear
Everything NOT baby related...remote control, cell phone, Brutus' toys, Brutus' water dishes, etc

Music, standing, walking around things, being held/close to people, walks

Being in the room by "herself" (aka if I walk away even a little bit, she will start to get noisy!)

Things were pretty constant this month including schedule and growth.  However, Charlie is on the move and not stopping!  She started going up the stairs (hello baby gate) and wants to stand/walk around things all the time.  She is interested in every thing she is not supposed to have.  She has also started saying words including, Mama, up, and bub.  Of course, these aren't directed at anything in particular but it makes my heart happy hearing mamamama come out of her mouth!  Waving and clapping are also something she is doing all the time (hence all the blurry pictures)!

Other Thoughts
Charlie, you are so much fun to be around.  You seriously crack me up.  Your Dad and I love spending time with you.  You discover new things to do each day.  You love to pull yourself up on about anything and everything.  You have routinely crawled over to the entertainment stand, pulled yourself up, and decided to turn up the volume on the receiver.  One of us has to grab the remote and turn it down in between you turning the knob so we don't get blown out with noise.  We absolutely love taking you places.  You are so good at restaurants.  We make sure to have plenty of food as it keeps you the most entertained.  Our most favorite thing this month was seeing you play with Brutus.  You would grab one of his toys and you guys would play tug of war.  If he would "win", and start running away, you would start to chase him.  We've tried to warn you that there is no way you will catch him :)  We are looking forward to what the next month will bring!

Monday, July 7, 2014

A Healthier Me

As I mentioned last week, I completed my first ever cleanse.  Many of you wanted some more details, so I thought I would do a post all about it!

First, let me give you some background.  I've never been a healthy eater.  Don't get me wrong, I really love salads and fruit/veggies.  I would normally order salads at lunch (yes, I'm a Chipotle salad eater) and try to snack on an apple/banana or yogurt.  So, I feel like I was good there.  BUT, my husband and I eat out...a lot!  I never started eating out regularly until I got married (looking at you Derek!).  I grew up in a house where ordering pizza was a complete treat and would happen maybe once a month.  Thus, eating at home was the regular for me during the week.  Because I would see Derek on the weekends during college, I would splurge and we would eat out for most meals during the weekend.  ANYWAY, ever since we have been married (almost 5 years), Derek and I would eat out 4-5 a week...I'm cringing even writing that.  It wasn't like I was eating McDonald's hamburgers and fries 4x/week.  I would try and get a Panera salad or if I had Chick-fill-a, I would get their fruit cup rather than fries.  I was trying to make healthier choices...honestly, getting pregnant jump started those choices.  The "healthiest" I've ever eaten was the 9 months I was pregnant.  And we've always been fortunate in the fact that our food choices didn't affect our weight.  Derek and I have always been skinny and we never had to work out or eat healthy to keep that physique.  That being said, skinny doesn't equate to healthy.

I knew we were going to have to change our diet/habits at some point.  I wasn't going to be taking my daughter to fast food every week.  I knew I wanted to have home cooked meals (which is something Derek and I love to do) on the table for her!  So, I needed a jump start.  I set a deadline, and for me, that was when I was done breastfeeding.  As soon as that happened, I started working out to try and jump start my new outlook.  I didn't change my eating habits, because hey, I was already down to my pre-pregnancy weight and I wasn't doing it to lose weight, but rather to feel healthier.  If anybody knows me, they know that didn't last long.  I'm not a worker outer...or a runner.  So that fizzled out just as fast as I thought it would.  Even though it felt good to be working on myself, I didn't see any other changes.

So, I thought I would do a cleanse.  I've always wanted to do a cleanse.  I'm the type of person that is up for trying anything.  After doing research, I knew I needed something that came in a "pack."  I couldn't do a system that would allow me to cheat..because believe me, I would.  Enter the Isagenix 9 day cleanse.  My only expectation from this 9 day system is I would cleanse my body, give it a good restart, and hopefully, kick start my healthy eating habits.  If you don't read anything else, just know it did just that and more!  Surprisingly, I lost 7.4 pounds!!

I was super excited to start but nervous at the same time because, hey if you couldn't see from above, I love food!  I wake up in the morning and think about what I'm going to eat that day. 

Basically, there are two deep cleanse days in the beginning where you are detoxifying the body while pumping your body full of nutrients.  Then the next five days are followed by shake days and you finish up with two more deep cleanse days.

Day 1: I was so shocked that I wasn't hungry.  However, I was missing the act of eating.  I was in a lunch meeting that day and everybody was eating around me...that was a true test of willpower right there!  I didn't feel hungry, just weak. I was expecting a headache but bypassed that because I think my body wasn't going through caffeine withdrawal since I stopped drinking caffeine 3 years ago.

Day 2: Much much easier than day 1.  I could not believe that I was functioning without eating an actual meal.  I had no problem going about my day.  As suggested, it was very important to try and stay as busy as possible on these days.  Helps keep your mind off of food!  I even took Charlie for a 35 minute walk that night.

Day 3: I was ready for some food!  I made my shakes at work...big mistake!  If you ever do this cleanse, definitely use a blender.  The "shaken" version of the shake was an awful texture.  We went out for dinner on a date night and I ordered a side salad with salmon.  Instead of the potato, I opted for two veggies.  I cherished every single bite that night lol.

Day 4: I used the blender for my shakes and OMG this made a world of difference.  They were so delicious

Days 5-7: This was when I started feeling amazing!  I was so excited with how I was feeling and that I was keeping with it.

Days 8-9: This is so weird...I was actually excited for the final two deep cleanse days.  I couldn't believe myself.  I was pumped and ready!

Honestly, on day 9 I was a little sad my cleanse was over.  I kinda of wished I did the 30 day cleanse because I knew I could make healthier decisions while doing this program...I wanted to make the healthier decisions.  BUT, it was good to get out in reality.

Here are the benefits I received:
-Goodbye 7.4 pounds
-I'm not sure if I felt more "energy", but I felt wayyyy more rested.  I didn't blink an eye when my alarm went off and I didn't feel the need to take any naps the entire 9 days (even on cleanse days!)
-I felt good about what I was putting in my body.  On my regular shake days, I was so thoughtful what meals I made or ordered.  I've never thought twice about it!
-Stronger nails....this is a weird one, I know.  I have the worst nails ever.  Even being on prenatal vitamins, they still weren't good.  However, by day 5, my nails were the longest they've ever been.

WHEW, that was one long post.  Basically, I'm so happy that I did this cleanse.  It was perfect for me!  I'm hoping to continue this healthier me journey!  I'll keep you updated ;)  If you have any questions or want to do a cleanse, let me know!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


All I have is complete and utter randomness for you today...

1) I've started becoming obsessed with the Bachelor/ette spoilers.  Namely, this one and this one.  I'm kinda watching these crazy horrible shows just because I love reading the behind the scenes and spoilers.

2) I've almost completed my first cleanse.  Oh man, this one deserves its own post...

3) We found out Charlie has some type of allergic reaction to eggs (insert huge sad face here).  Her face got puffy, red and blochy, and white welts.  It was my first mommy scare.  So glad benadryl was enough to help her feel better.

4) We leave for vacation in less than 3 weeks and I haven't thought through anything.  I need to research packing and flying with an almost 8 1/2 month old. I'm the complete opposite from a procrastinator (pointing to my husband right now) but I'd rather leave these details off to the last minute for some reason.

5) I met Derek for lunch a couple of weeks ago.  I showed up to the restaurant, and he had Charlie in her PJS!!!!!!!!!!!  I side-eye'd him as I sit down and he states that he "knows he should have changed her out of her PJs."  I guess when he walked in, he saw another dad alone with his daughter and she was all dressed up.  Anyway, these PJs were unfortunate in the fact that they were blue and white stripped with a big pink ladybug on the butt.  Well, Charlie was sitting in a high chair, so all you could see was blue.  Our waitress asked if we wanted any crackers for "HIM" while we are waiting.  I honestly laughed so hard that I couldn't answer.  I think Derek got his shaming x100 that he'll never take Charlie out in her PJs again.

6) I'm so excited for this 4th of July.  Last year I was pregnant and still thoroughly enjoyed  our block party.  Now, this year, after Charlie goes to sleep, I'll be making up for lost time :)

7) We took Charlie to the zoo for the first time.  She didn't love it, but was interested in the very large animals that were close.  Honestly, exposing her to new things/experiences is my favorite thing in the whole wide world.  I cannot wait to take her on her first plane, show her the ocean, etc!

8) We are doing a board & train program for Brutus while we are gone.  He is such a great little dog, but has so much anxiety.  We are hoping a program will help him with that.  Plus, what dog wouldn't want to hang out on a farm for a couple of weeks!

9) I've successfully completed my no-spend June (for myself).  Now, all bets are out the window with preparation for this vacation!

10) Derek got me a MacBook Air for my birthday and I'm trying to figure out how to use the thing!  There is way more of a learning curve than I was prepared for.  I'm trying to find a downloadable program to draft my blog posts on...any ideas?

That's all I have for you!  Happy July (and my birthday month!)!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Charlotte- 7 Months!


We still have some outfits in 6 months, but we are mostly in 9 month clothing.


We are still dealing with the eczema.  However, the spots behind her legs are completely gone.  The spots on her cheeks (especially her right one) are still around.  We love the new soap and lotion we got and I have started putting the lotion on her face (rather than the aquaphor).  This helped tremendously and I can keep the bumps/redness to a minimum with this method.   

This was the first exclusive month of formula....relief for this mama!!  I had to actually pump throughout the month randomly.  I guess my body had a hard time of quitting it's job.  I'm happy to report the freedom from the pump has been one of the best things ever.  And I'm not joking.  I'm happy that I was able to breastfed for 6 months, but even more happier to be done.

Charlie has 4 bottles/day and gets solid foods 3 times/day.  We switch the veggies and fruits every day.  We have transitioned into stage 2 and 3 foods with adding proteins this month.  She really is a veggie girl!

When we take her out to restaurants, we always give her little pieces of what we are eating.  She always gives the worst faces but then eventually eats it, ha!  And oh my does this girl love her water.  Every time that I take a drink, she'll reach out for my glass with her mouth open.  We have started giving her water in the sippy cup when we feed her solid foods, and she loves drinking the water out of her cup.


Honestly, another great month of sleep.  No complaints here.  We are still on the same schedule as last month.  3 naps/day up at 7:30am and down by 7:30pm.


This month we experienced a couple of weeks of whining.  We figured out that all she wanted was company.  As soon as we would sit down on the floor with her, she would stop.  Also, for about a week, all she wanted was her mommy.  She would be playing all by herself and the second she would spot me (if I was walking in the room) she would start "crying" until I would pick her up.  Of course I couldn’t resist this little baby girl crawling over to me and wanting my attention.  Thankfully, this has mostly stopped!  Otherwise, she is one happy girl and is constantly talking, laughing, and smiling.

Baby Gear
Eric Carle bug, Tiny Love Super Mat, Sophie the Giraffe, stuffed animals, books, really any “non-baby” toy or anything she isn’t supposed to have


Music, standing, crawling, water, going after Brutus/his toys/his food dishes, being held

Lately, she has been less patient with getting her diaper changed.  She doesn't mind it at all, but she just wants to move!


This month was crazy as far as milestones go.  I swear, in a two week span, she went from doing nothing besides rolling to doing everything!  She started crawling (and getting fast), going from a laying position to a sitting position, standing up, and pulling herself up.  We had to lower her crib down two spots because she would be pulling herself up every chance she could get.  She's gotten a couple of bruises because of this. 

She has also allowed herself to sit in one position to play.  Before, she was too busy moving everywhere.  I love seeing her sit like a big girl!  I feel like she lost a big chunk of that "baby-ness" after being able to sit (awwww!). 

She also learned to click her tongue.  We went a whole week and a half of having convos in tongue clicks.  She now as moved on and will babble about anything.  She can also recognize her name when we say it.


Other Thoughts
Charlie, we are amazed with how much you have changed this month!!  Your Dad and I both agree this was our favorite month thus far.  You were a joy every single day.  We could not wait to see what new things you would accomplish the next day.  You were extremely clingy this month, and to be honest, we ate every single second up.  We love that you are independent and so we cannot get enough of your attention.  You experienced your first falls and bruises this month (unfortunately!).  You really do milk it for all it's worth.  If it is a bad fall, we will scoop you up and try to calm you down.  After you stop crying you will look at us and then start up again even though we know your cry is fake.  We can't help to laugh when we know you are ok.  Daddy  is good at giving tough love when he knows you are ok.  That is exactly what Daddy's are for because we all know that I comfort you any time you are upset.  You gave us some great giggles this month and we tried to get you to laugh any chance we could get.  We love you so much and are looking forward to what the next month will bring!


Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Recap

Whew, we had another eventful weekend.  It seems now that we have Charlie and since Derek works every other weekend, we jam pack the weekends he has off.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t like it!  Here was our weekend courtesy of the iPhone…

First a selfie with the baby girl before heading out to the game… 

A view from our seats…

Picture time during the 7th inning stretch…

At one point, I look down and see all of these cans below us….ooops, hey it was all you can drink!

Doing a little bar crawl around Cincinnati after the game and trying to get a picture while “cheers’ing” (PS- I used the FaceSnap app for the first time and it was perfect to get pictures of us!)…

Getting breakfast in bed the next morning because as you probably guessed, we were not moving very fast…

Charlie posing for pictures while my Mom babysat her while we were out for the night…

Derek winning his daughter a prize at a local festival…

We were having a serious convo about our hats (aka, trying to get her not to steal my hat)…
Ribbet collage

Charlie enjoying her little playset we picked up for her this weekend at a garage sale…

Lastly, while I was enjoying season 2 of Orange is the New Black, Charlie was fascinated with our receiver.  She loved the volume button and repeatedly (all weekend) turned up the volume.  Oh the fun has begun…
And that was our weekend!  Hope you had a good one

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


…I’m really loving this formula mixing pitcher.  It makes life so incredibly easy and we don’t have to worry about air/bubbles getting in the bottles.  I love that I’m able to make all her bottles at night for the next day. Easy peasy

…Derek and I grill out at least 2 times a week during the summer.  We are looking for more recipes because I swear, we make the same thing over and over.  Last night we tried a grilled honey mustard pork chop recipe and it was delicious!

…I recently tried out this self tanner.  I love that the color is so natural and the application is fairly easy.  The thing I don’t love about it is I apply it at night and I swear most of my color washes off in the shower the next day.  Over a week though I got a pretty good base color going on.  I’m a fan.

…Charlotte and I had the best weekend ever together last weekend.  Derek worked so it was a lot of girl time and I loved every single second of it.  We tried out her new pool (see below), visited with neighbors, went to the dog park, attended a baptism party, and more!

Ribbet collage

…Along with the self tanner, I have acquired the Baiden Mitten.  After reading reviews/suggestions of how to apply the self tanner, I came across the suggestion to buy this mitt.  I had never heard of it and was very skeptical.  After a couple of weeks, I’m hooked.  In fact, I even have Derek trying it out.  It is the most amazing exfoliator I have ever come across!

…Derek and I keep talking about our weekend coming up because we are so excited!  We are finally celebrating his birthday.  I got him Diamond Club seats at the Reds game (aka all you can eat and drink).  I thought to fully take advantage of the whole deal we needed to get a hotel downtown.  Now can you see why we would be excited?!

…We hung out a lot with our neighbors this weekend and can I just say how thankful I am for all these little babies and babies-to-be running around!!  I love that Charlie has a ton of little girls so close.  Makes me so very happy.

…I’m having a no-shop June and I am already sucking.  I bought some clothes for Charlie yesterday.  SO, in fact, I made it a no-shop-for-me June.  I’m pretty sure I can do it!

…I am absolutely loving my chopped hair!  I ordered a 1 inch curling iron and I’m excited to try and curl it.

...Have you ever heard about the Environmental Working Group website?  I came across it when trying to find a new soap and lotion for Charlotte.  Seriously go check it out right now.  Except you may not want to because you'll find every single thing you are using is bad for you.  I know not to go crazy and replace every single thing in my house, but it really makes you stop and think!

That’s about all the randoms I have for you today!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend Recap

Get ready for picture overload…here is what we did this weekend:

Had Charlotte’s 6 month photos before leaving town!

6 Mo Sneak Peek

Took Charlotte for her first 4-wheeler ride.  I honestly thought she would cry because she really dislikes loud noises.  BUT, she actually loved it and pretty much made her daddy’s dreams come true :)

Ribbet collage

Enjoyed the dogs

Ribbet collage2

Showed Charlie pretty flowers…I love seeing the world through my child’s eyes.  She was so amazed by these beauties!


Had a photo-shoot (duh!)


Loved that Brutus got to enjoy the outdoors and his favorite activity, running!


Introduced Charlie to the notion of front-porch swingin’ (a la grandma)


Attended Duck Creek Log Jam.  Derek’s cousin started this outdoor music festival three years ago and we’ve wanted to go ever since.  We got a chance to go for a few hours on Saturday and now we cannot wait to go back for the whole thing!



Watched Derek fish in the pond


AND no pictures, but definitely worth mentioning:
  • seeing Derek’s sister before we left
  • all the good food we had while at Derek’s parents
  • seeing all of Derek’s family in Logan and at the music festival
  • a visit from Charlie’s other grandma on Monday

Whew, this weekend was for the books.  I was dreading going back to work today!  Hope you had a good one