Thursday, May 4, 2017

Every Kiss Begins....

Cars have the best lighting for selfies!  Am I right?!  Anyway, now that we've addressed that :) let's address that lip color.  We've all heard of LipSense but have you ever tried?  The lovely Kelsey over at Every Kiss Begins with Kels (clever name huh!) sent me a few products to try out.  I tried LipSense before and from the first application, I feel in love with this product!  You put the color on in the morning and it lasts all day (literally!!) and never comes off on your cups or more importantly, on those little babies you are kissing all day!

Kelsey surprised me with Apple Cider (which has been on my list since the beginning) and Orchid Gloss.  As you can see from the below picture, the good & bad thing with lip colors is they look different on everybody.

This color went a little more pink/melon-y on me than I'm used to.  I usually go more for the browns/maroons.  Although this is more of a natural color, initially, the color threw me off a little bit. However, the more I wear it, the more I'm getting used to it!  Regardless of the color, the formula is the same...amazing :)  You seal the color with their gloss which is designed to heal your lips from the inside out.  Honestly, if you ask anybody that knows me, they will tell you I apply chapstick 1,347 times per day.  However, after starting to wear LipSense daily, I'm not using all!!!  I do reapply the gloss throughout the day if I feel a little dry (mostly after eating) but I don't feel the need to use chapstick anymore.

Here is the fun thing about LipSense- you can layer with different colors!  So, if you have 2 tubes, you can get tons of options and colors!  I cannot wait to play around with apple cider and find a good combination.

This picture is 12 hours after the application....still on!!!  Love it.

Something else fun I got to try is the ShadowSense from SeneGence skin care line.  This is a creme to powder formula for eyes.  This specific color (sandstone pearl shimmer) would be an excellent base.  It is lighter and more shimmery than I usually wear (I try to save my shimmer for the highlighter around my cheeks so therefore try to avoid more shimmer around my eye).  But, I used it by itself to see if it had the waterproof/smudge proof that the lips have.  It stayed allllll day as well!

I cannot say enough great things about this company!  How fun is it to wear color every day and only need to apply once?!  I just ordered a bold red....can't wait to rock that!  More information and all things LipSense can be found from the wonderful Kelsey | Facebook | IG!!

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