Friday, April 28, 2017

Leni- 11 Months

Clothes- 18 months.  Everything up until this point has been Charlie's old clothes.  I finally had to order some new clothes for Miss Leni because our warm-weather clothes were slim pickings!

Health- Ah, just a nice relief this month.  Everybody was healthy and free of sickness

Diet- Last month of formula and bottles, yay!!  We are still doing 4 bottles.  She never really finishes a bottle, so we will be decreasing the milk a little bit next month.  She is definitely enjoying real food rather than the milk.  And this month, 2 teeth made their way at the same time.  We can't wait until she gets some more so we can feed her more food.  So far, she really likes everything we eat (except sweet potatoes!).

Crying- happy happy girl all the time!  She especially loves her big sissy!

Sleep- Same thing here with no changes.  2 naps a day (9:30 and 1:00) and sleep around 7:15pm.  I can tell she is beginning to start the transition to 1 nap.  Her second nap is rarely the full 2 hours.  But she stays up there just talking and playing away so while this keeps up, we will definitely keep the 2 naps.

Likes- protein, raspberries (her and Charlie go through a whole container at each meal!), and rough-housing with sissy and daddy

Disklikes- being hungry!  Now that we've moved until more solid foods, Leni lets you know when she is ready for her meal or snack.  

Milestones- Crawling got so fast this month.  Leni is also able to go from a sitting position to standing up all by herself with no assistance.  We know those first steps will be any day now!  I took the push toy outside and Leni walked herself all the way around the cul-de-sac.

This month also brought a lot more babbling/talking.  No other words (she did say "water" (wawa) for Charlie and I) but we hear a lot from Leni all day.

Other Thoughts- How in the world are we at 11 months!!  I cannot believe we are planning the first birthday.  This is such a fun age and we love all the giggles and love we get from you every day.  Any time somebody is down on the floor, you love going to them and crawling all over them (especially your sister!).  We know you will be walking at some point in the next month.  I can just tell you will not be my cautious one.  We love to see and are amazed by your determination.

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Faith said...

She's so adorable! Can't believe she is already 11 months!